Hi, here's the hi performing website from this frenchy french label, you know, with bands that sing in english with a french accent, ah ah !! well , anyway, here's the website, you can here bands, find links to their website,read some cool stufff (soon !!) we hope you'll be happy to discover those bands that we're proud to work with. We can't really consider
ouserves as a real label, but we try to , in our way, promote this music as we liked old labels to do it when we were younger.. what we liked in thoses labels were the fact of just releasing good music without looking at if it is cool to promote that or this kind of music, or if this band is going to be the next big thing, or could be the next big thing. We're not following a kind of scene or anything that sounds to us like a sect. Let's just say we are humans.. ah ah !!